I´m a little slackline addict


“Dreamwalker” is an analogy to the dream that my film begins and ends with. It’s a dream that is telling about the highline projects of One Inch Dreams through its contrasting pictures. It’s a dream that is also the beginning of a journey at the same time. The beginning of a journey that takes the viewer to the recent big projects of One Inch Dreams and shows how three different highlines are rigged and walked.

esti nyálcsorgatás; érdemes figyelni a nagy hasú rodeo line-t a közepénél, jó móka lehet 5-10 métert kilengve egyensúlyozva hintázni.


My day full of adventure started with a trip to Oak Openings with some adventurous people! Once we arrived we decided to set up a slack line, but we set it up 10 feet in the air. After we were exhausted from slacklining we decided to relax in some hammocks, but we set up 5 on top of each other! After some serious relaxation we decided to go to an ” instameet ” on the maumme River! It was great to meet so many people in my area that have the same love of Instagram as I do!

→ http://9gag.com/gag/aXEpbWz?ref=android.s

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